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Mia Greenwald

Mia is a farmer, an interdisciplinary artist, and an organizer, who works in fiber, ceramics, and multi-media as material and metaphor for ecological and physical embodiment. 

They are driven by interrogating and betraying whiteness, compost of all kinds, the joys of trans embodiment, and building relationships with kin: human, non-human, and land.

Mia’s work knit threads and questions of accountability, relationship to land and place, and the way those play out on the level of the body. 

The materials they use, such as fibers and ceramics, and the processes-- dying, glaze, and firing, offer ways to alter the substance at a chemical level—real and literal transformation. They are excited by the possibilities of interplay between the form and surface image. Both media have a history, connotation, and possible use as functional objects, and connote the body: in fiber, fabrics and woven structures connote skin, ceramics, bones, and wrinkles. 

“for now we want to be clear that [joy] is not the same thing as happiness. A joyful process of transformation might involve happiness, but it tends to entail a whole range of feelings at once: it might feel overwhelming, painful, dramatic, and world-shaking, or subtle and uncanny. Joy rarely feels comfortable or easy, because it transforms and reorients people and relationships. Rather than the desire to exploit, control, and direct others, it is resonant with emergent and collective capacities to do things, make things, undo painful habits, and nurture enabling ways of being together”

— Joyful Militancy, page 29, carla bergman and Nick Montgomery 



MFA, James Madison University


BA, Tufts University



Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Graduate Fellowship



Dehn Summer Research Scholarship

Dehn Summer Research Scholarship




Burrow Gallery, Brooklyn NY



Group Exhibition, Queer Ecologies Hanky Project, The Future, Minneapolis MN, Women’s Center, Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY


10x10, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Hyattsville MD



Urban Soils Institute, Governor's Island, NY


Keyholder Residency, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Hyattsville MD

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